Simulated polypropylene

Flexible and resistant 3D printed models

Simultated polypropylene is resistant, flexible and durable. He allows precise prototype pritning that look like and behave like polypropylene.

Create models rapidly to test the shame, adjustment and functioning of fitting sets, functional hinges and durable package cabinet.

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Create prototype for polypropylene products

Stratasys offers two PolyJet photopolymeres that simulate the apearance and functionality of polypropylene.

Endur (RGD450) is an adanvec material of poypropene simulation that offers durability and a nice surface ending. Use it to create rapidly resistant prototypes of fitting components, functional hinges and other exigent aplications.

Endur was developed to proportionate a trustable mounting performance in the interior of the 3D Printer, just like high performance prototypes with impressive dimensional stability out of the 3D Printer. This is provided in an intense white with a thin resolution and soft curves that are characteristics of PolyJet technology. This friendly material for office usage doesn’t require handling nor special transportation procedure.

Durus (RGD430) is the original material of polypropene simulation and shows a great resistance to impacts and streches in 44% ruptures.