Print in 3D dental and orthodontic models

Stratasys's dental materials were projected specially for digital dental applications and orthodontics, including hard models and braces. This hard and opaque materials have a peach coloring with natural aspect and combine precise visualization of details with high dimensional stability.

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Digital dental with materials specially projected for 3D printing

Stratasys 3D printing offers to digital odontology three dental materials specially produced:

  • VeroDent (MED670) suplies a layer thickness incredibly thin of 16 mícrons, rendering small characteristics in large detail and excelent resistence and durability.
  • VeroDentPlus (MED690) also suplies thin layers of 16 mícrons and the best resistance and durability available.
  • Biocompatible (MED610) is a transparent material with medical aprove for temporary oral placement.